GoodBulk Ltd.: Change of ISIN

GoodBulk Ltd.: Change of ISIN

Hamilton, Bermuda – (9 November 2022) – As communicated to the shareholders of GoodBulk Ltd. (the “Company”) on 28 October 2022 through an information letter from the Company, the shares in the Company, which are traded on the NOTC List, will shortly be represented by Sponsored Norwegian Depositary Receipts (“SNDR”) registered in Euronext Securities Oslo, the Norwegian Central Securities Depository operated by Verdipapirsentralen (“ES-OSL”). The transfer from the current SSL arrangement to SNDR will take place today, on 9 November 2022. The SNDRs of the Company will continue to trade on the NOTC List.

Nordic Issuer Services AS (“NIS”) will act as the registrar and issuer of the SNDRs. NIS took over the role as the Company’s registrar from DNB Bank ASA on 7 November 2022.

The transfer to SNDR involves an ISIN change from the current ISIN BMG4095E1003 to the new ISIN NO0012751991, according to the following timeline.

–           9 November 2022: The last day of trading under the previous ISIN BMG4095E1003.

–           10 November 2022: The first day of trading under the new ISIN NO0012751991.

–           11 November 2022: Record date for the ISIN change.

SNDRs issued in the ES-OSL register have certain limitations and risks. You can read more about these limitations and risks in Nordic Issuer Services AS’ general business terms available at, which sets out the terms and conditions for the SNDRs. A service description for Norwegian Depository Receipts is available at

For further information, please contact:

John Michael Radziwill

CEO and Chairman

GoodBulk Ltd.

Tel +377 97 98 59 87

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