GoodBulk Ltd. Announces Purchase And Cancellation Of Depository Receipts And Related Common Shares

Hamilton, Bermuda – (13 January 2023) – GoodBulk Ltd. (the “Company”) (N-OTC: BULK) has on 10 January 2023 purchased 2,570,812 Norwegian depository receipts relating to the underlying common shares of the Company. The purchase of depository receipts was approved and carried out in accordance with a unanimous written resolution by the Company’s board of directors dated 5 January 2023. The board of directors of the Company has resolved to cancel these purchased depository receipts and the underlying common shares with such cancellation being approved and carried out in accordance with the same unanimous written resolution. Following these transactions GoodBulk Ltd. has a total of 27,050,262 issued common shares, with 460,000 common shares held as treasury shares.

For further information, please contact:

John Michael Radziwill
CEO and Chairman
GoodBulk Ltd.

Tel +377 97 98 59 87
Email: [email protected]

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